Friday, September 23, 2011

Pink & Black Elegance ~

Tasha was another wonderful bride to work with.  She allowed me a lot of creative freedom, and had a few purchased pieces she wanted to incorporate into the design.  She had the unique fabric flower handmade by a friend, and supplied me with the beautiful crystal banding and mirrored topper.    It was an intimate and elegant setting.  The cake was covered in vanilla bean icing.  The layers were:  dark chocolate cake filled with wild strawberry preserves and vanilla bean icing.   I really can appreciate when someone allows me to share in their special day by choosing me to make their wedding cake. 

Kind words from the bride. 

Crystal's topper inspired wedding cake ~

I recently made a cake for a lovely couple who had the most unusual (yet still elegant) hand made topper I'd seen.  She was kind enough (and trusting) to give me creative freedom so naturally, I was instantly inspired by the topper.  Twisted "silver & gold" wires with figures sculpted from cloth & wire, and some enamel flowers that resembled stained glass.   I designed the cake around the topper, and chose to create whimsical flowers using a technique I developed that creates a "stained glass" surface on the sugar flowers and leaves.   I also wanted to mimic the twisted wire somewhere on the cake, so I made some curled pieces of fondant and finished them with edible gold & silver. 

The cake was iced in frosting (no fondant) on what seemed to be the hottest, most humid day of the summer.  The reception was outdoors at an idealic and romantic setting...between an ocean, a forest and in a farm field.  The view of the ocean was quite stunning.  I was very concerned about the humidity and what happens to icing in heat...melting...but according to the bride and the photos she sent, the cake held up for several hours in extreme heat.  *YES!!!* ~  I was told that the caterer was very pleased all the decorations were edible, because she had nothing to remove from the cake prior to cutting it.  I'm beginning to think Bride-zillas are an urban myth....either that, or I am repelling them somehow.  ;o)