Friday, October 21, 2011

Art Museum Wedding


I was quite excited I was when I found out the reception site was going to be at the Ogunquit Museum of American Art.  I'm a sculptor by trade, so this was a real treat.   The museum literally sits on the coast, and the view is spectacular.  The couple was from out of state, Minnesota and Illinois, so much of our communication was via email and phone.  I did have the pleasure of meeting them at the consult/tasting along with the bride's parents (all very nice people).   They decided on a stack of books, using some of their favorite titles.   They had very specific ideas for the look of their cake.  The real life books are much thinner so we had to take creative liberties in order to fit what was asked, given the amount of desired books and serving count.  The cake board was decorated to look like a wooden desk.   I assembled the cake on site because the drive was just over an hour.    ~ Congratulations to Colleen & Bart!  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Topsy Turvy ~

 Flavors:  Top & middle ~ caramel apple with caramel frosting. 
Bottom ~ dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate-raspberry ganache and vanilla bean frosting.

I had the recent pleasure of working with a really nice couple to create a fun, topsy-turvy style cake.  They came to me about a month before the wedding in search of a baker/decorator and already had two very different designs in mind, in polar opposite styles they wanted combined into one cake.  The couple already  knew they wanted square, angled tiers, and a chocolate branch.  The bride had already purchased some beautiful purple sugar flowers for the cake (I didn't make the flowers).  The couple elected to transport their own cake fully assembled.  I always build a custom box large enough to fully cover a 3-tier cake (I don't like dust, hair, etc getting near cakes).  I've had several couples successfully transport fully assembled multi-tiered cakes, even out of state, but this was the first Topsy Turvy wedding cake "to go".  ~ Congratulations to Kelly & Travis!