Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank you!!

As 2011 draws to a close, I'd like to thank all my wonderful customers for helping us have another successful year.  We've just entered year FOUR, and are excited to see what 2012 has in store! 
Thank you for your business and support, and we hope to see you again in 2012!! 


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

Check out our Holiday Special !!

  4" high, and layered with luscious, creamy filling! 

Holiday Special! An 8" round, organic cake decorated as an adorable snowman, with sugar sculpted nose and accents will be the perfect centerpiece for any holiday gathering. It will feed up to 20 people, and is 4" tall! ~ Choice of two seasonal flavors: Rich Chocolate cake with creamy Peppermint Stick filling, or Spiced Gingerbread cake with creamy caramel filling.

Regularly priced at $100.00, we are offering this organic specialty cake at a steal of $60.00. Cakes will be packaged in a windowed bakery box with a coordinating bow.
** All orders must be placed no later than December 20th.  Don't let this deal pass you by! ~ Contact us at:

Friday, October 21, 2011

Art Museum Wedding


I was quite excited I was when I found out the reception site was going to be at the Ogunquit Museum of American Art.  I'm a sculptor by trade, so this was a real treat.   The museum literally sits on the coast, and the view is spectacular.  The couple was from out of state, Minnesota and Illinois, so much of our communication was via email and phone.  I did have the pleasure of meeting them at the consult/tasting along with the bride's parents (all very nice people).   They decided on a stack of books, using some of their favorite titles.   They had very specific ideas for the look of their cake.  The real life books are much thinner so we had to take creative liberties in order to fit what was asked, given the amount of desired books and serving count.  The cake board was decorated to look like a wooden desk.   I assembled the cake on site because the drive was just over an hour.    ~ Congratulations to Colleen & Bart!  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Topsy Turvy ~

 Flavors:  Top & middle ~ caramel apple with caramel frosting. 
Bottom ~ dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate-raspberry ganache and vanilla bean frosting.

I had the recent pleasure of working with a really nice couple to create a fun, topsy-turvy style cake.  They came to me about a month before the wedding in search of a baker/decorator and already had two very different designs in mind, in polar opposite styles they wanted combined into one cake.  The couple already  knew they wanted square, angled tiers, and a chocolate branch.  The bride had already purchased some beautiful purple sugar flowers for the cake (I didn't make the flowers).  The couple elected to transport their own cake fully assembled.  I always build a custom box large enough to fully cover a 3-tier cake (I don't like dust, hair, etc getting near cakes).  I've had several couples successfully transport fully assembled multi-tiered cakes, even out of state, but this was the first Topsy Turvy wedding cake "to go".  ~ Congratulations to Kelly & Travis!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pink & Black Elegance ~

Tasha was another wonderful bride to work with.  She allowed me a lot of creative freedom, and had a few purchased pieces she wanted to incorporate into the design.  She had the unique fabric flower handmade by a friend, and supplied me with the beautiful crystal banding and mirrored topper.    It was an intimate and elegant setting.  The cake was covered in vanilla bean icing.  The layers were:  dark chocolate cake filled with wild strawberry preserves and vanilla bean icing.   I really can appreciate when someone allows me to share in their special day by choosing me to make their wedding cake. 

Kind words from the bride. 

Crystal's topper inspired wedding cake ~

I recently made a cake for a lovely couple who had the most unusual (yet still elegant) hand made topper I'd seen.  She was kind enough (and trusting) to give me creative freedom so naturally, I was instantly inspired by the topper.  Twisted "silver & gold" wires with figures sculpted from cloth & wire, and some enamel flowers that resembled stained glass.   I designed the cake around the topper, and chose to create whimsical flowers using a technique I developed that creates a "stained glass" surface on the sugar flowers and leaves.   I also wanted to mimic the twisted wire somewhere on the cake, so I made some curled pieces of fondant and finished them with edible gold & silver. 

The cake was iced in frosting (no fondant) on what seemed to be the hottest, most humid day of the summer.  The reception was outdoors at an idealic and romantic setting...between an ocean, a forest and in a farm field.  The view of the ocean was quite stunning.  I was very concerned about the humidity and what happens to icing in heat...melting...but according to the bride and the photos she sent, the cake held up for several hours in extreme heat.  *YES!!!* ~  I was told that the caterer was very pleased all the decorations were edible, because she had nothing to remove from the cake prior to cutting it.  I'm beginning to think Bride-zillas are an urban myth....either that, or I am repelling them somehow.  ;o)  

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Elvis cake statue ~

100% edible, carved cake with fondant accents

              Carved cake with some fondant added onto the cake features so I could fine tune details.

                                                     Sculpted fondant over carved cake. 

I really enjoy sculpting cakes!  I wasn't going for hyper realism, just an overall feel of the subject.  I don't use rice cereal treats or molded chocolate, especially for heads.   I prefer sculpting cake, it's more challenging.   It requires lots of focus and an unwillingness to surrender to the "cake rules".   I do regret not having longer to spend on this cake.  It was a surprise for my husband's friend who was retiring.  She refused to let anyone cut the cake, and took it home.   I may need to invest in an airbrush afterall.   

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Blind Conscience ~ Threadcakes contest, 2011

It's that time again, the weird contest "Threadcakes" where people use a Threadless t-shirt design and create a cake.  I chose a design that would be really challenging.  I used a 2-D image of a face profile, and translated that into a 3-D cake sculpture.   My entry and process photos can be viewed here.   The t-shirt design I chose was aptly titled:  "The Blind Conscience".

I managed to use all cake except for 2 smalls straws and a thin, 4" long piece of foam core under the jaw.    I had some issues with humidity and had to keep refrigerating the head as I worked on it, and ultimately decided to slant the head upward to help keep it stable.   Gravity...  The cake was my dark chocolate cake filled with vanilla-ginger icing, and covered in vanilla fondant (all ingredients are vegan).  This year's entry was definitely more challenging, but it was a lot of fun!  I really enjoy sculpting cakes.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Enchanted Tree ~ wedding cake

I love this little fellow!  He was created as the bride & groom's special cake.  When I make any kind of cake like this, I customize it...individualize it.   It's no fun having mass produced cakes or limited designs from catalogues, and I refuse to do that.   I stacked and carved dark mocha cakes, filled and crumb coated with espresso icing.  That enables the fondant to adhere to the cake and not just slide off.  The entire body was cake.   I added some sugar sculpted features and birds to symbolize bride, groom and their children.   ~ Congratulations Sarah & Kyle!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kind words from a happy bride!

Heavenly Cake    posted 10/8/2010  by AMK
Ahimsa Custom Cakes is beyond good. I can't even think of a word worthy enough to describe how ridiculously delicious this cake was. We were a little worried about doing a vegan cake (I can't eat egg yolks or dairy because of allergies), but this was the best cake I've ever had. Everyone at the wedding loved it and not a single person there is a vegan. She is very fairly priced and the fondant leaves we had on our fall themed cake looked amazing. Her design and culinary skills are phenomenal. She is very professional and keeps in touch with you throughout the planning process.
** I would recommend her cakes whether or not you are vegan.

Read original review.

To AMK:  Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you and making your cake! 
~ Kristi / Ahimsa Custom Cakes, LLC

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ahsoka ~ the Clone Wars

All sculpted cake with hand painted fondant (nose is cake too!)
This cake was made for my neighbor's son.  (I have the nicest neighbors)  It was lifesize and was sculpted entirely out of cake.  The fondant icing was then hand painted with edible paint.  The birthday boy has quite a love of the Star Wars/Clone Wars series.   The cake is based on one of the female characters: Ahsoka.    I thought it might freak the kids out to cut into her face & head, but apparently the kids got a real kick out of cutting the cake.   I absolutely LOVE these types of cakes! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Snowy Day ~ cake

This cake was donated to the Auburn Public Library's childrens department, for their winter event:  "Snowman Stories".     It was designed around a favorite of mine by Ezra Jack Keats, "The Snowy Day".  The entire cake was edible, and had a 360 degree view.  The cake board was covered in fondant with little embossed footprints going around the cake.   The details are sculpted sugar and hand painted fondant.  I decided to  make my maple-brown sugar cake with vanilla bean frosting.  It went over very well, based on the facial expressions and children asking for seconds ~ keep in mind these were not vegan children, except for my daughter.  The fact it was a vegan cake was a well kept secret through most of the party).  I  think the people who run the childrens department do such a wonderful job.  It's nice to see people working with children who actually love what they do.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Dark chocolate cake filled with vanilla bean frosting and chocolate ganache, iced in vanilla fondant.   I really enjoyed making this cake.   The damask pattern was made with egg-less royal icing over fondant,  and the bow and letters were made out of sugar. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fresh Flowers and cake ~ reasons to think twice

We've all seen beautiful cakes draped in  fragrant, colorful fresh flowers.  What you may not realize, is that many fresh flowers often seen adorning wedding cakes are actually poisonous and potentially deadly if ingested.   Side effects can range from a mild skin rash, to cardiac arrest.  

A few (toxic) fresh flowers I've recently seen on wedding cakes include:

Calla Lily        
lily of the valley
sweet peas
*Gerber daisies are listed as non-toxic, but they can have a blood thinning effect which can be potentially life threatening to someone with clotting disorders. 

Whenever asked, I will always suggest sugar flowers or arranging the flowers around the cake base.  Many bakers do not use flower picks and insert stems directly into the cake.  Florists aren't always made aware that the flowers will be used on a cake, which increases the risk. 

A few  other factors to consider are:
~ pesticides
~ fertilizer (do you really want THAT coming in contact with your cake?)
~ insects
~ dirt
~ flowers that are handled by multiple people = dirty hands, contaminated water buckets, etc.
~ Toxicity (many gorgeous flowers are also deadly)
~ flower bucket "juice"  (this is the water floral stems rest in once cut)

Wild flowers and even organic flowers can also contain fertilizer and some pesticides, so you need to use caution when using fresh flowers on cake.  Ultimately, it comes down to your comfort level.  If using flowers on a cake, try not to use flowers purchased from a florist.  Instead, find an organic supplier that can guarantee the absence of pesticides and other toxins.   If you MUST use fresh flowers on your cake, it is imperative to do your research to find out which flowers are poisonous, or even mildly toxic.   

Here is a partial list of poisonous flowers.

Another great blog post to read on the subject was written by my friend Kara, of:  A Cake to Remember in Richmond, VA.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Click on brochure for a larger view

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Graduation cake

The cake was made for a lovely young woman graduating from high school.   That brings back memories... All the details are sculpted from sugar (hat, diploma, stars, etc.).   Starburst:  I don't normally insert wire into my cakes, but since the wire never came in contact with the cake I made an exception.  The wires were inserted into a straw that was plugged with fondant.   I had fun making this cake.  Congratulations and best of luck!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Naked Truth ~

 Bourbon vanilla bean cake ~ you gorgeous thing! 

Yes, the rumors are cakes are vegan. *horror movie shriek*  (GASP!)  For a time, I did not scream, "HEY, GET YOUR VEGAN CAKES HERE!!!" (except when asked) because of all those out there who still insist on unfair stereotypes of vegan baking.  Truth be told, most of my customers are meat eaters, who are pleasantly surprised by how moist and flavorful my cakes are.  *surprise!*   In all fairness, a non-veg cake can be disgusting if made by a baker who has no earthly business selling food. 
Let's face it...we've all had a meal / dessert that was less than memorable.   
My cakes don't come with a lecture on ethics, but they do come with LOTS of flavor and delicious, organic ingredients.  You don't  need a degree in nuclear physics to understand the ingredients I use, and most are probably in your cupboard right now.   Also, it's a myth that scratch cakes are dry and dense. (really??)  Scratch baking is still just chemistry...and as Sponge Bob would say:  "technique....technique...technique..."

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Renaissance Rocks! ~ anatomy of a cake sculpture

This was my entry into a weird cake contest using a Threadless t-shirt design last August.  My approach was more of a playful interpretation than an attempt to copy the Mona Lisa.  The cake was 3-D, viewable from all sides, standing just over 2 feet high. 

I included a link to photos detailing my process from start to finish, along with deconstruction.  I used all cake (no rice cereal treats or short cuts) and a minimal wooden dowel support.  Everything was handmade out of cake and sugar, right down to the safety pins and hand painted tattoo.   * When I make a cake for a customer, the first thing I do is cover the cake board with either food safe paper, or fondant (dispite what you may see people doing on Food TV).  This cake was made for fun, so I let things get a bit messy.                                                                

Sunday, May 29, 2011

We love referrals!

We appreciate your business and the referral of your friends and family.  If you refer a customer to us, and it results in a sale, you will receive 15% off your next order.   Once our facebook page reaches 150 likes, we will be drawing names and someone will win 1 dozen gourmet cupcakes (any flavor we offer).   Thanks!

Thursday, May 26, 2011