Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Naked Truth ~

 Bourbon vanilla bean cake ~ you gorgeous thing! 

Yes, the rumors are cakes are vegan. *horror movie shriek*  (GASP!)  For a time, I did not scream, "HEY, GET YOUR VEGAN CAKES HERE!!!" (except when asked) because of all those out there who still insist on unfair stereotypes of vegan baking.  Truth be told, most of my customers are meat eaters, who are pleasantly surprised by how moist and flavorful my cakes are.  *surprise!*   In all fairness, a non-veg cake can be disgusting if made by a baker who has no earthly business selling food. 
Let's face it...we've all had a meal / dessert that was less than memorable.   
My cakes don't come with a lecture on ethics, but they do come with LOTS of flavor and delicious, organic ingredients.  You don't  need a degree in nuclear physics to understand the ingredients I use, and most are probably in your cupboard right now.   Also, it's a myth that scratch cakes are dry and dense. (really??)  Scratch baking is still just chemistry...and as Sponge Bob would say:  "technique....technique...technique..."

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