Thursday, October 20, 2011

Topsy Turvy ~

 Flavors:  Top & middle ~ caramel apple with caramel frosting. 
Bottom ~ dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate-raspberry ganache and vanilla bean frosting.

I had the recent pleasure of working with a really nice couple to create a fun, topsy-turvy style cake.  They came to me about a month before the wedding in search of a baker/decorator and already had two very different designs in mind, in polar opposite styles they wanted combined into one cake.  The couple already  knew they wanted square, angled tiers, and a chocolate branch.  The bride had already purchased some beautiful purple sugar flowers for the cake (I didn't make the flowers).  The couple elected to transport their own cake fully assembled.  I always build a custom box large enough to fully cover a 3-tier cake (I don't like dust, hair, etc getting near cakes).  I've had several couples successfully transport fully assembled multi-tiered cakes, even out of state, but this was the first Topsy Turvy wedding cake "to go".  ~ Congratulations to Kelly & Travis!

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