Saturday, August 20, 2011

Elvis cake statue ~

100% edible, carved cake with fondant accents

              Carved cake with some fondant added onto the cake features so I could fine tune details.

                                                     Sculpted fondant over carved cake. 

I really enjoy sculpting cakes!  I wasn't going for hyper realism, just an overall feel of the subject.  I don't use rice cereal treats or molded chocolate, especially for heads.   I prefer sculpting cake, it's more challenging.   It requires lots of focus and an unwillingness to surrender to the "cake rules".   I do regret not having longer to spend on this cake.  It was a surprise for my husband's friend who was retiring.  She refused to let anyone cut the cake, and took it home.   I may need to invest in an airbrush afterall.   


Jamie said...

I love it Kristi! You really did a great job. I'm scared of projects like that!

Kristi said...

Thank you Jamie!